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I see DNS as an organization that raises the bar for clinical practice, and that leads the way in communicating the gains we make in evidence-based practice to other clinicians.  When I was a practicing dietitian, I looked to DNS as an incredible resource for improving my clinical skills and knowledge, through Support Line and DNS-sponsored sessions at Clinical Nutrition Week.  When I was working toward my doctoral degree, I was awarded the DNS Member Research Award, which played a pivotal role in making my dissertation research a success.  I am truly indebted to DNS for this critical and timely support as I was beginning my career as a researcher.  I have no doubt that it helped to prepare me for getting the ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation grant in 2005.  I have always considered it a great honor to be a part of DNS, and to now serve as the DNS Research Chair is something I value most sincerely as my way of giving a little back to an organization that helped to nurture my growth and development first as a clinician, and now as a researcher and educator. 


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