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DNS Members,

I am truly honored to serve as the Chair of DNS Research Committee.  I have had the opportunity to grow professionally within DNS with various leadership, education and publishing roles.  In 2008, I applied for and was successfully awarded the DNS Research Grant. The funded project was a tangent to my doctorate work and it opened up the window for me to further investigate probiotics in a basic science setting. The data generated from this project was not only presented as an oral abstract at ASPEN Clinical Nutrition Week, but it has been incorporated into several research grants as “proof of concept” for various proposed research hypotheses. I am truly indebted to DNS for this critical and timely support as I was just starting my career as a basic science researcher.  I believe it had a great role in me successfully obtaining the ASPEN Rhoads Research Foundation grant in 2010 and several other foundation awards as wells as NIH grants. As DNS Research Chair I look forward to encouraging DNS members to get involved in nutrition research, as our profession needs stellar nutrition researchers and there is no better place to begin the mentoring process than within DNS!

Gail Cresci
DNS Research Chair

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Revised 2/11/16

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