Nutrition Payment Specialist Representative

Meet our Nutrition Payment Specialist Representative, Nikki Kendrick!


How long have you been a DNS member? 
Since 2012

What position(s) have you held in the past for DNS DPG?  
Nutrition Services Payment Specialist

Why do you choose to become a DNS member? 
I was one of two RDNs at my hospital and I was the only RDN with my CNSC. I had complex patients with issues that I had never encountered. I found a lot of help in Support Line and the DNS forums to help me provide the best care for my patients. The networking and professional opportunities for growth are why I’ve stayed despite transiting to academia

Employer name and location:
Utah State University. Salt Lake City, UT

Job title: 
Clinical Assistant Professor


Nikki Kendrick, MDA, RDN, CNSC 
Nutrition Payment Specialist Representative 

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