Support Line Editor

Meet our Support Line Editor, Sarah Peterson!


How long have you been a DNS member? 
12 years

What position(s) have you held in the past for DNS DPG?  
Mentoring committee, Strategic Plan coordinator, Secretary, Chair Elect, Chair, Past Chair

Why do you choose to become a DNS member? 
In the beginning, I joined DNS because I was working in nutrition support and I appreciated all the resources! I have continued to be a DNS member because, in addition to the great learning content, I have been able to network with nutrition support dietitians from all over!  I love having the opportunity to mentor newer dietitians and learn from those who are advancing our practice!

Employer name and location:
Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, IL

Job title: 
Assistant Professor  & Program Director, Department of Clinical Nutrition

Sarah Peterson PhD, RD
Support Line Editor


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