Writers Mentoring Program

The DNS Writers Mentoring Program pairs new aspiring writers with experienced writers with expertise in nutrition support topics to write an article for Support Line. DNS offers the opportunity for RDNs to get published for the first time under the guidance of true experts in the field of nutrition support.  Sharing your knowledge with others is so important and doing so through writing an article is a way to expand your professional growth development. If you have ever considered writing an article for publication and do not know where to start, consider doing it through the DNS Writer’s Mentoring Program.

The objectives of the DNS Writers Mentoring Program are:

  1. To provide a mentored experience for first time writers to develop an article on nutrition support related topic worthy of publication in Support Line.
  2. To support growth in writing skill development of DNS members.

If you are interested in participating in the DNS Writers Mentoring Program, please click here to review the Writers Mentoring Guidelines and complete the contract form.  Email the form to Rebecca Brody, PhD, RD, LD, CNSC at writersmentorprogram@dnsdpg.org.  You will be contacted after receipt of the form to discuss your topic of interest and assign your writing mentor.  Your mentor will sign the form once they are assigned.

Message from the Writers Mentoring Chair

Rebecca Brody

Rebecca Brody, PhD, RD, LD, CNSC
Writers Mentoring Chair

Welcome! I’m excited to serve as the chair of the Writers Mentoring Program.  Over the past few years, I have successfully paired about 15 writers with mentors who have published their articles in Support Line.  This experience is fulfilling to both the mentor and mentee and fosters professional relationships after the writing experience is over.   I'm an Associate Professor in the School of Healthy Professions at at Rutgers University in the Department of Clinical and Preventative Nutrition Sciences. I have many years of RDN experience in nutrition support, clinical nutrition management, and teaching. My research interests focus on advanced practice for RDNS. I am a CDR commissioner and co-chair of the Advanced Practice in Clinical Nutrition Panel that guides the RDN-AP credential development.