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Nutrition-Focused Physical Exam Video and Study Guide- Institutional Price

Learning objectives: To state the purpose of performing a nutrition-focused physical exam (NFPE). To list the components of the NFPE. To understand the basic techniques required to perform the exam. To recognize physical signs and symptoms to determine if further nutritional intervention is required.

Topics included in the video:

  • Examination Tools and Techniques
  • Nutrition Physical Examination – A Systems Approach
  • Cardiopulmonary Assessment
  • Abdominal Assessment
  • Neuromuscular Assessment
  • Oral Assessment
  • Skin Assessment
  • Examination of Muscle and Fat Loss
This activity is approved for 4.0 CPEU for an unlimited amount of dietitians.
This is an annual subscription with unlimited access within an institution. Subscriptions will need to be renewed annually for continual access if desired.
Please note that this is an online access tool. No product is shipped. You will receive a voucher that will allow access to the tool upon purchase.

Cultural Competence in Nutrition Focused Physical Examination- INSTITUTIONAL PRICE

Date: March 6, 2019 at 3PM EST
Speaker: Irissa Bachman, MS RDN LD CNSC

  1. Review the basics of the nutrition focused physical examination and its role in identifying malnutrition.
  2. Define cultural competency and why it pertains to RDNs.
  3. Identify specific differences when performing a nutrition focused physical examination on diverse populations.

This presentation is pending approval of 1 CPEU.

Too Sweet to be True: Glycemic Management in Hospitalized Patients Receiving Nutrition Support- INSTITUTIONAL PRICE

Presenter: Rohit Moghe, PharmD, MSPH, CDE
Objectives: In patients who are hospitalized for critical or acute illness:
  1. Recognize contributors to and strategies to mitigate hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia.
  2. Understand insulin regimens and their differences.
  3. Identify the appropriateness of adjusting insulin levels vs. reducing carbohydrates.
This product is approved for 1 CPEU for an unlimited amount of RDNs at an institution. This presentation can be viewed from different computers.

Addressing Malnutrition: Past, Present and Future- Institutional Price

Presenter: Ainsley Malone, MS RD CNSC LDN FADA FASPEN

1. Describe negative outcomes demonstrated in malnourished hospitalized patients.
2. Describe key therapeutic options for treating malnutrition and improving outcomes.
3. Recognize state and national activities underway to address malnutrition.
4. Outline strategies for nutrition communication and care at hospital discharge and beyond.

This product provides 1 CPEU for an unlimited amount of RDNs at an institution.
This presentation can be viewed from different computers.

Thank you to Baxter for sponsoring this webinar!

Pressors and Pentobarbital- A Review of the Nutritional Impacts of Medicines Used in Critical Illness- INSTITUTIONAL PRICE

Presenter: David Evans, MD, FACS

1. Review the physiology of the GI tract as it relates to shock states.
2. Review the pharmacology of vasopressor agents and the implications for the GI tract and nutrition.
3. Review the pharmacology of barbiturates and paralytics and their impact on nutrition.

This presentation provides 1 CPEU for an unlimited amount of RDNs within an institution. The presentation can be viewed from different computers.

Fluid and Electrolyte Management in Parenteral Nutrition- Institutional Price

Presenter: Theresa Cattell, RDN, CNSC

Objectives: Describe normal PN fluid, electrolyte and mineral requirements; describe common electrolyte imbalances from GI dysfunction, medications and changes in clinical status; make recommendations for PN changes. 

This presentation provides 1 CPEU for an unlimited amount of RDNs within an institution. The presentation can be viewed from different computers.

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