Immediate Past Chair


Meet our Immediate Past Chair, Yimin Chen



How long have you been a DNS Member?
16 years

Past DNS position(s) held:
Secretary, Mentorship Program Chair, Research Committee Member, Coordinating Cabinet Member, Chair-Elect, Chair
Why did you choose to become a DNS member?
My relationship with DNS has grown over the years. DNS was a wonderful source of information and networking opportunities when I was a young clinician, and through networking, I’ve gained incredible volunteering opportunities where I’ve met amazing nutrition support mentors. I continue to learn from my volunteering peers, and now get to mentor and pass on my knowledge and experience to new clinicians. It’s a fabulous circle of life in DNS!
Employer Name and Location: 

                                         Margaret Ritchie School of Family and Consumer Sciences, 
                           College of  Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID

                                                                               Job title:
                                                                      Assistant Professor

Yimin Chen, PhD, RD, CNSC

Past Chair













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