Coordinating Cabinet


The DNS DPG Coordinating Cabinet consists of 27 non-elected/non-voting positions. All officers serve the same term as Academy leaders (June 1 - May 31) and serve as the chairperson for the committee within DNS. Volunteer opportunities exist for most of these committees. Contact our membership coordinator at for more information.

Policy & Advocacy Leader: Hannah Roosevelt
Oley Ambassador: Carol Ireton-Jones
Membership Coordinator: Kristen Quisenberry
Strategic Planning Coordinator: Jennifer Lefton
Nominating Coordinator-Elect: Jane Ziegler
Research Coordinator: Gail Gresci
Item Writer Lead: Debbie Carpenter
Support Line Editor: Kate Willcutts
Writers Mentor Program Coordinator: Becky Brody
Website Coordinator: Amy Melton
Transplant Network Lead: Elizabeth Beets
Critical Care Network Lead: Christy Hummel
GI Network Lead: Emily Schwartz
Pediatric / Neonatal Network Lead: Jessica Monczka
Research Network Lead: Vaishali Sheikh
Homecare Lead: Heather Stanner
Material Management: Marion Winkler
Social Media: Austin Webb
Web Store: Maya Morrison
Webinar: Colleen Tsarnas
Symposium Coordinators: Sandy Austhof, Gail Cresci
Career Mentoring Program Coordinator: Ashley Chowansky
APR Advisory Board: Mary Marian, Lindsay Dowhan, Susan Roberts
Sponsorship Coordinator: Brett Baney, Lauren Probstfeld

Updated 9/4/17

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