Director of Communication and Marketing

Get to know our Director of Communication and Marketing, Wendy Phillips

How long have you been a DNS member?
Around 10 years
Past DNS positions held:
Reimbursement Representative, guest editor of Support Line
Past Academy positions held:
Virginia affiliate: President-Elect/President, Professional Education Coordinator, Public Policy Panel Advisor, Blue Ridge District (Virginia): Consituent Liaison, Newsletter Editor
Why do you choose to be a DNS member?
DNS DPG supports my work in adult and pediatric nutrition support. The discussion board and Support Line articles are excellent expert resources.
What do you hope to achieve this program year?
I hope to work with the other members of the DNS board to utilize effective communication and marketing strategies to help DNS members access expert resources to support their work.
Employer name and location:
Morrison Healthcare, St. George, Utah
Job Title
Corporate Director of Clinical Nutrition

Wendy Phillips MS, RD, CNSC, CLE, FAND


Updated 11/1/17
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