Director of Communication and Marketing

Get to know our 2017-2018 Director of Communication and Marketing, Christina Rollins

How long have you been a DNS member?
9 years
Past DNS positions held:
Website Director, Research Website Network Lead, Team lead for feeding tube project toolkit, Career Mentor Program Coordinator
Past Academy positions held:
District President and Treasurer, State Treasurer
Why do you choose to be a DNS member?
DNS DPG aligns with my passion for advancing practice for clinical dietitians and helping acutely and critically ill patients.
What do you hope to achieve in the 2017-2018 program year?
I hope to increase membership awareness of the awesome benefits offered by DNS as well as serve as a support system for the various committee members and volunteers, ensuring each have the tools and resources needed to achieve our group's mission and vision.
Employer name and location:
Memorial Medical Center, Springfield IL
Job Title
Director, Food and Nutrition Services

Christina Rollins


Updated 6/5/17
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