Executive Committee


The DNS DPG Executive Committee consists of eight voting positions.  All officers are elected unless otherwise noted and serve the same term as Academy leaders (June 1 – May 31).  For more information see the “Guiding Principles" section of the website. 

Chair:  Yimin Chen
*Immediate Past Chair:  Sarah Peterson
*Chair-Elect:  Yimin Chen
*Treasurer:  Katie Braun
*Secretary:  Britta Brown
*Director of Nominations:  Jane Ziegler
*Director of Communications and Marketing:  Wendy Phillips
*Director of Professional and Product Development:  Jennifer Lefton
House of Delegates Representative: Elizabeth Pash
Student Coordinator: Lauren Chan

*Appointed positions

Two people who help keep us organized and on the right track!
DNS DPG Administrative Assistant: Stephanie Dobak
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Relations Manager: Rita Brummett

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Revised June 2018


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