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The Spring HOD virtual meeting will be addressing the Mega Issue of enhancing our future profession and practice.  The dietetics profession is now 100 years old and the Academy is focusing on the Second Century to meet the challenges and recognize our opportunities to go forward. Many ideas have been captured through a recent member survey and a Nutrition Impact Summit. Please see the HOD Fact Sheet and HOD Backgrounder for complete details.The Backgrounder contains a JAND article from January 2017, vol. 117 (1): Visioning Report 2017: A Preferred Path Forward for the Nutrition and Dietetics Profession. DNS's Susan Roberts, MS, RDN, LD, CNSC is one of the authors of this excellent report. Be sure to read it!


Your input on these two questions is important:
1) Tell us about what you or your colleagues are doing as part of a practice now that is unique, innovative and futuristic in nature.
2) How can current practitioners advance their skills for innovative and future practice? How can they competently demonstrate these skills and teach them to others?

Please email me directly your thoughts by April 10, 2017

Cindy Hamilton, MS, RD, LD, FAND
DNS HOD Representative





The FALL 2016 HOD meeting took place October 14 -15 in Boston during FNCE. The HOD participated in an exciting training session called Appreciative Inquiry. This session was conducted by Gervase Bushe, PhD, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Development in the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The training was applied to the Mega Issue of Wellness and Prevention.

So what is Appreciative Inquiry? It is a method of asking questions or interviewing that solicits the most positive responses, stories or experiences from a person/group. The goal is to learn what the person/group is most proud of, or how they were inspired during their experience. It is an opportunity to learn what was most effective. By using this method, which avoids negativity or criticism, there is opportunity to discover, dream and design. The HOD used this method to begin addressing ideas for the Mega Issue of Wellness and Prevention. Please see the HOD FACT Sheet on Appreciative Inquiry for more detail.

The ‘homework’ for all HOD representatives is to use the Appreciative Inquiry process to solicit positive stories from constituents. I received a lot of responses from DNS during the first phase of addressing the Mega Issue prior to the HOD meeting, so here is an opportunity for you to tell me more about an enlightening experience you had with Prevention and Wellness. (See an example of an Appreciative Interview write-up here.)


-Tell me about your history and how that impacts your approach to prevention and wellness.

-Tell me about how prevention and wellness has a positive impact on you, your family, your customer or client.

-What were some of the best experiences you had working with dietitians working in prevention and wellness?

What happens next? Stories will be shared with all HOD representatives and the virtual Spring 2017 meeting will convene to determine the Academy’s approach to prevention and wellness. Motions will be developed and voting finalized in May.

Ever wonder what has happened with previous HOD mega issues? Please see the report on Academy Committee and Taskforce-Report Highlights. This is a nice succinct summary and you will see DNS members Ainsley Malone and Susan Roberts are the chairs of two committees.

Thank you!
Cindy Hamilton, MS, RD, LD, FAND
DNS HOD Representative

 What happened at past meetings?

SPRING 2016 HOD Meeting!

The virtual meeting was held on April 30/May 1 and the Mega Issue discussed was Technological Innovations.
How can we transform all areas of dietetics practice and move the profession forward in a world where rapid advances in technology continually change the way we learn, work and live?

Click here to read the backgrounder information on this exciting topic.

Outcomes from the FALL 2015 HOD

Two motions were made and approved by the HOD:

     #1 Malnutrition: Much interest was generated at the HOD meeting on this Mega Issue 
          resulting in 8 specific measures to be taken to engage and empower RDNs to address
          malnutrition. Essentially the HOD called for collaborative work between the Academy's
          Research, International and Scientific Affairs Team and Lifelong Learning and         
          Professional Engagement Team as well as with DPGs, MIGs, ACEND and A.S.P.E.N. 
      #2 Sponsorship Summary Report: The HOD requested the Sponsorship Advisory Task  
           Force (SATF) utilize feedback from the HOD Fall 2015 meeting to prepare the final
           report. (Sponsorship was the Spring 2015 Mega Issue- see below.)
Click here to see the HOD Fact Sheet for further details.

Mega Issue: Malnutrition

The Fall 2015 meeting was held October 2-3 in Nashville, TN during FNCE. The Mega Issue was MALNUTRITION....a topic near and dear to the nutrition support dietitian. Please click on the following important documents for more detailed information: Malnutrition, HOD Fall Meeting Backgrounder, HOD Executive Summary, HOD Fact Sheet, or go to the Academy's House of Delegates home page.

Mega Issue: Academy Corporate Sponsorship

A recent collaborative activity between the Academy and KRAFT Singles intended to support the Kids Eat Right Program drew considerable criticism as reported in the New York Times. This collaboration was cited as an endorsement and 'seal of approval' by the Academy of the KRAFT product. While this was not the intention, Academy members voiced their opinions on this activity and the perception it created with the public. The Academy's exisiting corporate sponsorship programs became under scrutiny and were discussed at the Spring HOD in May, 2015. Below are the highlights of the motion. Please click here to review the entire motion document.
      • A comprehensive strategic communication plan will be developed
      • The Academy will be transparent re: details of all sponsors (amount received, fund allocation, commitments, etc)
      • No Academy logos will be placed on food or beverages
      • No Academy endorsements
      • Sponsors products will be consistent with evidenced-based nutrition guidelines
      • A permanent Academy Sponsorship committee will be formed to include members from the public, with marketing/branding expertise and from the Academy's Ethic Committee

A second motion was also passed by the HOD on a Proposed Position Concept. This motion approved the concept that Inter-Professional Education in Nutrition is an Essential Component of Medical Education. Please click here to review the motion in full.

Updated 11/16/16

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