Executive Committee

The DNS DPG Executive Committee consists of eight voting positions.  All officers are elected unless otherwise noted and serve the same term as Academy leaders (June 1 – May 31).  Click on each position to learn more about our leaders!  For more information see the “Guiding Principles" section of the website. 
Chair: Britta Brown
Immediate Past Chair: Kate Willcutts
Chair-Elect: Lauren Probstfeld
Treasurer: Kristen Quisenberry
Secretary: Jennifer Sporay
Director of Nominations: Jennifer Bridenbaugh
Director of Communications and Marketing: Austin Webb
Director of Professional and Product Development: Lisa Cimperman
House of Delegates Representative: Heather Stanner
*Student Coordinator: Olyvia Norton

*Appointed position

Coordinating Cabinet

The DNS DPG Coordinating Cabinet consists of non-elected/non-voting positions. All officers serve the same term as Academy leaders (June 1 - May 31) and serve as the chairperson for the committee within DNS. Volunteer opportunities exist for most of these committees. Contact our membership coordinator at for more information.

Policy & Advocacy Leader: Kelly Kinnare
Membership Coordinator: Kelly O'Donnell
Director of Nominations-Elect: Shelby Yaceczko
Research Coordinator: Sharon Foley
Item Writer Leads: Arlene Escuro and Stacey McCray
Writers Mentor Program Coordinator: Becky Brody
Website Coordinator: Valaree Williams
Social Media Coordinators: Amy Sheehan and Rachel Geositis
Webstore Coordinator: Stephanie Send
Webinar Coordinator: Emily Schwartz
Sponsorship Coordinator: Anne Coltman
Symposium Coordinator:
Ainsley Malone
Career Mentoring Program Coordinator: Christan Bury
Diversity and Inclusion Liaison: Christina Rollins
Nutrition Payment Specialist Representative:
Nikki Kendrick
Journal Club Coordinator:
Hannah Carey

People who help keep us organized and on the right track!

DNS DPG Executive Coordinator: Stephanie Dobak
Podcast Coordinator: Christina Rollins
YouTube Coordinator:
Lauren Chan
Support Line Editor: Sarah Peterson
APR Residency Director: Andrea JeVenn

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Relations Manager: Rita Brummett

To contact DNS DPG, click here.

 Updated 1/2022
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