DNS Symposium

The next DNS Symposium will be June 2019! Details to come at a later date. Hope to see you then!

Thank you to all our attendeees, speakers and vendors that joined us at the 2017 DNS Symposium in Scottsdale, AZ. 

2017 DNS Symposium Session Recordings Still Available for Purchase!

Did you miss the 2017 DNS Symposium? Well, now you can check out all these great sessions and more!

  • Ethics in Nutrition Support
  • Enteral Nutrition: ASPEN 2016 Enteral Safe Practices
  • Home Nutrition Support: Challenges with EN and PN Support
  • Gastrointestinal Feedings Post Op: What's the Deal on Beginning Oral Feedings?
  • Developing a Feeding Tube Placement Program: How to Get Started

Purchase individual sessions ($20) or the entire package ($159) through the DNS store!

If you have any follow up questions please e-mail administrator@dnsdpg.org

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Updated 12/4/17

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