DNS Leadership

To contact your leaders, use the Academy's Leadership Directory. Click here for the Leadership Directory User Guide.

Executive Committee

The DNS DPG Executive Committee consists of eight voting positions. All officers are elected unless otherwise noted and serve the same term as Academy leaders (June 1 – May 31). Click on each position to learn more about our leaders! For more information see the “Guiding Principles" section of the website.

Chair: Emily Schwartz
Immediate Past Chair: Lauren Probstfeld
Chair-Elect: Nikki Kendrick
Treasurer: Valaree Williams
Secretary: Renee Walker
Director of Nominations: Turner Sanderson
Director of Communications and Marketing: Rachel Geosits
Director of Professional and Product Development: Shelby Yaceczko 
House of Delegates Representative: Kristen Quisenberry
IDEA Director: Ashley Pena Elsbernd
*Student Coordinator: Chun Sui Chua "Chua"

*Appointed position

Coordinating Cabinet

The DNS DPG Coordinating Cabinet consists of non-elected/non-voting positions. All officers serve the same term as Academy leaders (June 1 - May 31) and serve as the chairperson for the committee within DNS. Volunteer opportunities exist for most of these committees. Contact our membership coordinator for more information.

Policy & Advocacy Leader: Kelly Kinnare
Membership Coordinator: Beth Peterson
Director of Nominations-Elect: Hannah Carey
Research Coordinator: Sharon Foley
Item Writer Leads: Arlene Escuro and Stacey McCray
Writers Mentor Program Coordinator: Becky Brody
Website Coordinator: Jennifer Sporay
Social Media Coordinators: Amy Sheehan and Colleen Tsarnas
Webinar Coordinator: Courtney Shortridge
Sponsorship Coordinator and elect: Michaelann Hahn and Stephanie Send
Symposium Coordinator:
 Dan Frazier
Career Mentoring Program Coordinator: Christan Bury
Journal Club Coordinator: Kelly Roehl

People who help keep us organized and on the right track!

Executive Coordinator: Stephanie Dobak
Podcast Coordinator: Christina Rollins
YouTube Coordinator: Lauren Chan
Support Line Editor: Heather Stanner
APR Residency Director: Andrea Jevenn
Academy DPG Relations Manager: Elise Fette

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